Exploring Orlando's WestArt District

If you find yourself over near the Orlando City Soccer Stadium take a stroll over and up a block and check out the WestArt District. This is the largest street art exhibit in Orlando. Their mission is to "provide the canvas for creative arts."
Hubs and I were biking in the area and as we drove past we were welcomed to go behind the fence and take a better look at all of the street art. There were a couple of artists out working on some walls. If it wasn't so dang hot that day I would have spent more time admiring the art.
Orlando's WestArt District

Orlando's WestArt District

Looking at their website it looks like they offer some tailgating spots for the soccer games. The WestArt District is also just a couple of blocks up from Broken Cauldron Brewery. Grab some beers and head over and do some exploring in the WestArt District.

~ Kelli

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