Exploring Orlando and Exploring Florida's Treasure Coast

Happy Monday🌞 I hope your weekend was a great one. As I wrap up one week I started out this week with a beautiful sunrise over Lake Baldwin. Great way to start the week!
sunrise at Lake Baldwin Park
Love the lake view at sunrise

I'm all about balance. I like to go out for a bit and stay home for a bit. This week was a week mostly spent at home until the weekend. Saving up the energy for exploring.

I love living blocks away from the Audubon Park Garden District. I'm usually out and about, but I make an effort to go shopping and do some exploring in my own neighborhood as much as I can. Fridays are always a good day to see what is new in the neighborhood.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy where I live is starting out the weekend with some beers at Redlight Redlight.

Then grabbing some bites and a treat for the evening. We usually end up at the East End Market getting sandwiches from Houndstooth and cookies from Gideon's. Great local eats.😋
Sandwich from Houndstooth Sauce
Pulled Pork and sides👍

I try and swing by Park Ave CDs as well. Love that they are open late. They are more than a music store. Great place to find unique gifts. This is where I always come to buy cards.

I had just read this article about Bob Seger's albums being hard to find, so I had to check out Park Ave to see if they had any and they did. 👍
Records at Park Ave CD's
One of my favorite shop for gifts🎁

Saturday hubs and I headed down to Vero Beach to visit my folks and all the other retirees that love that Florida east coast town. I like visiting VB because it's clean and it's easy to get to enjoy the ocean. They have two breweries (one more on the way!) and a bunch of great local eateries too. Plus I can always see some manatee at Round Island too. #LoveFL

Scenes from Vero Beach Florida
Bites, brews, and the beach

Capped off our weekend with a visit to Sailfish Brewing's new brewery and tasting room in Ft. Pierce. That's another town I've been having fun exploring.
craft beer at Sailfish Brewing
His & her beers.

I hope you had fun exploring Orlando and the Sunshine State. I always enjoy venturing to new places and going back to my favorites. It's all about balance.🍻

~ Kelli

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