Exploring Lake Druid Park in Orlando

Lake Druid Park in Orlando is a newer park that keeps evolving. It's hidden back in the Coytown neighborhood just off of Bumby and Colonial.

The park is located off of Lake Druid hence the name.

Lake Druid Park
Park Hours

The Cady Way Trail runs past the park. If you want to head west there is a connecting "trail" through the nearby neighborhoods that will get you over to the Urban Trail.

If you're not biking over there is plenty of parking.

This park has something to offer most people. 

There's the large volleyball court.
Volleyball at Lake Druid PArk
Volleyball anyone 

There is a brand new community garden. It even has a Pink Ribbon Garden💞
Pink Ribbon Garden in Lake Druid Park

The Orlando Mountain Bike Park looks cool. They even have a trail that goes into the woods.
bike park at Lake Druid Park in Orlando

There are an air-pump and tools if your bike may end up needing either during your visit.
Bike Park in Lake Druid Park
🚲 around

Every visit to the Lake Druid I notice more doggies at the dog section of the park. There are two areas, one for large and one for small pups. There is a hose to clean your dog afterward if you'd like.
Lake Druid Dog Park

What I enjoy: A park that's good for all groups.
Cool feature: Community garden
Good for a date:
Good for kids:✔
Good for teens:✔
Good for groups:✔
OK for dogs:✔
Local spots nearby to explore: Drunken Monkey Coffee, Beefy King & Skyebird Juice Bar

~ Kelli

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