A Visit to Dinky Dock in Winter Park

Here in Orlando and the really all of Florida, there are lakes all over. While there are plenty of lakes not many have a public beach for all to enjoy.

Dinky Dock is a small beach park with a boat ramp that is located next to Rollins College aon Lake Virginia.

Dinky Dock in Winter Park

There were a number of parking spots close to the beach, and you'll also find a bike rack if that is your mode of transportation.

If you are out and about on Park Avenue you can enjoy strolling over through the beautiful campus to get to Dinky Dock. 
Rollins College in Winter Park

The park itself isn't that big, but it's never been crowded when we visit.
Dinky Dock in Winter Park

You'll find a few picnic tables and a number of benches to sit at. 
Dinky Dock in Winter Park

While the beach area isn't that big, it's big enough to get wet and enjoy the water. There is a dock you can jump off or enjoy the Florida sun. There is a sign warning about the possibility of getting a rare infection from amoebas that may be in the lake due to warm waters.
Dinky Dock in Winter Park

This local park is a nice option for those who want a day at the beach without the drive. Bring a picnic and enjoy.
Dinky Dock in Winter Park

What I enjoy: Being able to put my feet in the water and taking a stroll along the lake.
Cool feature: They have a mini free library.
Good for a date:✔
Good for kids:✔
Good for teens:✔
Good for groups:✔
OK for dogs: No
Local spots nearby to explore:  Cornell Fine Arts Museum,  Annie Russell Theater & Central Park

~ Kelli

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in July 2013 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.