Exploring the East End Market in Orlando

There's been a lot of talk about the East End Market ever since it opened in Orlando in the fall of 2013. This local market has become the hub in the Audubon Park Garden District neighborhood. East End Market fits right in this neighborhood; which is known for it's local and unique shops and restaurants.

East End Market has transformed an empty church and has created a community-gathering place. 

This space is not only a visual delight but also a place where folks can come and connect over food. 
East End Market Front Entrance

The first thing you notice about the East End Market is the garden out front. These beds filled with fruits and vegetables are utilized in the kitchens of the local merchants. It's always nice to see what's in season at the market.
Entrance to the East End Market
Grow Food 🍅

Monarch Station at the East End Market
Love watching the monarchs grow

Along with the fresh fruit and vegetables out front, you will find some picnic tables. This is a nice spot to enjoy your provisions and bask in the Florida sunshine. There is also a lovely patio off to the side with more seating options. The patio's adorned with plants and succulents that are for sale. 
drinks in the east end market courtyard
Music in the courtyard most Saturdays

Succulents for sale at the east end market
Succulents for sale

East End Market has over 20 merchants ranging from bakeries, coffee, smoothies goods, design and more. 

Olde Hearth Bread and Lineage Coffee open their doors at 8 am. While the rest of the merchants open at 10 am.
bread at Olde Hearth
Yummy 🍞

Most the time I visit the Market I walk in and wander to where my eyes lead me. I just go about till something delectable draws my attention. It doesn't take too long for that to happen!

Early Saturdays with a coffee and pastry are a nice way to start the day. I'll stop by Skeybird when I'm feeling a need for a nutritional pick me up. Belly up to the bar at Florida & Co and order a flight of Florida craft beer.

There is a nice variety of food offerings at the market that everyone in your group should find something they enjoy eating. You've got barbecue, pasta, cheese, seafood, cold pressed juice, baked goods and more.
Houndstooth Sauce food menu
Sandwiches & soup

la femme du fromage
Cheese love!

la femme du fromage
Take some to go

Gideon's Bakeshop cookies
Best 🍪 in town!

Skybird teas
Hot or cold 🍵

Lineage Coffee at the East End Market
Lineage coffee

While most folks may be attracted to the market for the food there are some merchants offering goods and services. Check out some goodies for your home from as well.
Stop by Domu for happy hour drinks before dinner.
As if the food, stores and the services offered at East End Market weren't enough to draw you in, their calendar filled with weekly events taking place will more than entice you. You'll find classes, lectures, movies, dinners, music and more. While there is a cost for most classes there are some free events happening as well.  I would suggest signing up for their weekly newsletter so you can stay informed with all the events that take place.

east end market courtyard
Wonderful courtyard to sit back and enjoy
The East End Market is having a positive impact on local Orlando. This market is not only a food hub focusing on what is local, but the energy about the place makes you realize just how wonderful.

What I enjoy: The variety of the merchants
Cool feature: Various classes/events taking place at the market
Good for a date: ✔
Good for kids:✔
Good for teens:✔
Good for groups:✔
OK for dogs:✔
Local spots nearby to check out: Redlight Redlight, The Lovely & Sprinkles Gifts

~ Kelli

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.