Exploring Orlando's Milk District, Parks, Local Eateries and more

My first full week back in Orlando and I had some fun exploring a few favorite spots and checking out some new spots along the way.

I enjoyed a few parks this week. Orlando has a lot of great parks worth exploring. Each one a bit different from the other. I got to check out the new F-4 Phantom at Colonel Joe Kittinger Park.
F-4 Phantom at Colonel Joe Kittenger Park
F-4 Phantom at Colonel Joe Kittinger Park
Headed over to the Mills 50 neighborhood for some lunch at one of my favorite sandwich shops in town. Banh Mi Nanh Trung makes delicious banh mi sandwiches and they're a great deal at $3.50/$4 each.
Banh Mi Nha Trang Vegetarian
Banh Mi Nha Trang #18 the Vegetarian
Tuesday Bryan and I took our son over to the Milk District for Tasty Tuesdays. This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy food trucks. The two of them enjoyed Cheesesteaks from Philly's Best Cheesesteaks while I enjoyed some tacos from Bem Bom Food Truck.  I like that you can enjoy your food in the Milk Bar and get a couple of beers to go with your dinner.
Tasty Tuesday's in the Milk District
Food Trucks at Tasty Tuesday
Bem Bom Tacos & Beer in the Milk Bar
Bem Bom Tacos & Beer in the Milk Bar 
We enjoyed some Cotton Candy from Sky Candy for dessert.
Sky Candy Cotton Candy
Sky Candy Cotton Candy
Since I've been back in town I'm trying to keep up with my running. I've been able to run through some nice parks. One park I enjoy the view with my run is Greenwood Urban Wetland. It has a nice path that goes around the lake. 
Greenwood Urban Wetland
Greenwood Urban Wetland
Thursday I headed downtown to check out The Woods for the first time. They were having a couple of Michigan beers on tap that I loved. It was a nice opportunity to check out this cool watering hole.
The Woods Orlando | Exploring Orlando
Hopslam at The Wood Orlando
Friday morning I headed over to Se7ven Bites over in the Milk District. This local eatery is quite the hot spot in town. Their food is delicious! I enjoyed a Chocolate Duffin (part muffin & part donut) and some coffee after my morning run.
A Duffin at Se7en Bites
Chocolate Duffin
Saturday I stopped the beautiful JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes. I was invited to a beer pairing lunch at Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen. This was a wonderful experience. It's great that The Kitchen and The Brewery are using ingredients from their on-site farm. It was a delicious event and I look forward to enjoying more of their in-house beer in the future.
Smoked Ham with fried egg, avocado, mustard frills on a honey pecan roll paired with a Lemon Grass Amber Wheat
Sunday I did a little exploring at some parks. Langford Park and Dickson Azalea Park are located next to each other. Both beautiful parks and both quite different from each other. Langford Park is great for groups and Dickson is a nice spot to sit on a bench and take in the scenery.

The lighting made for a beautiful glow among the trees at Langford Park.
Trees at Langford Park in Orlando
Langford Park
I love exploring in Dickson Azalea Park.
Dickson Azalea Park
Dickson Azalea Park

I hope you enjoyed exploring Orlando last week. I'd love to hear where you went?

Have a great week and be your best!