A Lady Crafter

Four years ago about this time our family of five was getting ready to make the move to Orlando. Orlando was our vacation destination since 2000. I always loved our visits to the Sunshine State and never thought we'd end up living there.

I didn't really know much about the "other" side of Orlando, so I thought I'd start a blog and do some exploring. I had a great time discovering the local side of the city along with enjoying the tourist fun as well.
Downtown Orlando Lake Eola
Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando
This past August my oldest started school at the University of Tampa and Bryan and I headed back home to Denver with the younger two. We went back for a job opportunity and to help out Bryan's aging parents. We weren't sure if this was going to be a long-term stay or if we'd be in Colorado for just a few months.

While we've been in Denver I've been enjoying the abundance of Colorado breweries. If you've been following Exploring Orlando you saw that I enjoy my craft beer. Craft beer has become more than a hobby for me. Being in Denver and surrounded in a craft beer culture I realized I want to learn and focus as much as I can about this hoppy beverage.
Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver
Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver
I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue on blogging while in Denver. I gave it some time and I soon realized how much I missed it so I started my new blog; A Lady Crafter. Right now I'm focusing on the many breweries I've been able to visit while I'm in Colorado. When our family comes back to Orlando in March I'll be writing about the Florida craft beer scene and beyond.
A Lady Crafter

I can't wait to get back to Orlando to start exploring and enjoying Florida craft beer.