Summer in Orlando ~ 20 Free Things to Do in the City

We officially kick off summer on Saturday. The summer solstice takes place tomorrow at 6:51 am. While the beach may be the best summer activity in Florida, it's not always convenient.  If you're looking for something closer to home check out the City of Orlando's guide to the 20 Free Things to Do this Summer in the City.  I've enjoyed many of the activities they have listed. I look forward to visiting a few places on the list I haven't been.

1. Stroll through the Greenwood Urban Wetlands.  This is a beautiful park. I love visiting in the fall when the colors of the trees change.

2. Celebrate the 4th of July at Lake Eola Park.  I have yet to celebrate July 4th at Lake Eola Park, but I do enjoy visiting Lake Eola Park as much as I can. Sunday is a fun day to visit the weekly Orlando Farmer's Market.  Enjoy a picnic and take a ride on a swan boat. This park is great for all.

3. Enjoy biking, running or walking along Orlando's Urban Trail. Enjoy the day biking the trail and make sure to visit some of the shops and restaurants along the way in Ivanhoe Village.
Bike trail, palm trees, orlando

4. I have yet to explore Eagles Nest Park. I look forward to doing some exploring around the trails. It would be great to spot an Eagle too.

5. Explore Leu Gardens. Lue Gardens is one of my favorite places in the city to enjoy the beauty of nature. Wandering about the gardens is wonderful. There is a lot of shade to make it more enjoyable in the summer.

6. Take a visit to the Orlando Veteran's Memorial Park and reflect. This park nestled along Lake Baldwin is a beautiful place to see and be.
Memorial, tree, park, lake

7. Enjoy the new See Art Orlando sculptures around Lake Eola Park. Each one is unique and adds some fun culture to our city.
lake, fountain, sunset, sculptures, orlando

8. Lake Eola Park is not only a great place to visit by day, but night time is just as nice.  You can't beat the sun setting over the Lake. Stay for an evening movie that takes place the last Friday of the month for Movieola.

9. Enjoy a game of volleyball at Festival Park.  A fun place for friends to hang and enjoy a little sun and sport.

10. Have you checked out the Mennello Museum of American Art. This eclectic museum is worth checking out during their free Family Days on the Second Sunday of each month.
sculpture, park, orlando, museum

11. After your visit to the Mennello Museum of American Art. Stay and walk the beautiful grounds of Loch Haven Park.  Bring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful oak trees on display.

12. One of my favorite places to get fit in Orlando is at Lake Baldwin Park. This isn't so much a park as a nice trail bordering Lake Baldwin.  This is a great place to exercise and enjoy nature along the way.
Trail map, lake, park, orlando

13. Tomorrow is the first day of summer, but to skateboarders, it's known as Go Skateboarding Day. In honor of this "holiday" Orlando Skate Park opens their doors for all to skate free for the day. My kids have enjoyed skating at the park on Skate Day. It's a good time to check out the park.

14. One thing I have yet to do since moving to Florida is go fishing. Lake Ivanhoe has a boat ramp and a dock to go fishing off of. Gaston Edwards Park is located next to the lake and is a fun place for a picnic. There are a playground and a volleyball court.

15. There is one park I have wanted to visit ever since we moved to Orlando is 2011. Orlando Wetlands Park looks like an amazing place to enjoy nature. I'm hoping this is the summer I just do it. The Friends of the Orlando Wetlands is a great resource for planning a visit.

16. The Humana Company sponsors Playful City USA. They honor neighborhoods that value the importance of play. Orlando is one of the top cities in Florida that offers kids a place to play in their neighborhoods. George Baker Park is one of many in the city that offer a playground for families to enjoy. Check out Blue Jacket Park for its classic playground.

17. There are many things to enjoy about Lake Eola Park. There are two things that come to mind when we think of the Orlando park: the fountain and swans. The swans are a beautiful sight to see. Nothing beats sitting on a bench and just watching these graceful birds on the water.

18. I love the beauty of trees. There are a number of historic trees right in the city. Grab a bike and enjoy a ride looking at how amazing nature can be.
Oak Trees, orlando, park

19. If you're into disc golf you'll be happy to know there are a number of courses for you to enjoy your game in Orlando. Many of these disc golf parks have other amenities making for a fun afternoon with friends and family.

20. Dickson Azalea Park is one of my favorite hidden gems in Orlando. I love that this park is below the street along Fern Creek. This is a nice spot to sit and enjoy the solitude. There is a lot of shade in the park. Grab a book and sit by the water and enjoy the beauty of Orlando parks.