An Evening at Walt Disney World's Boardwalk and Epcot

Thursday was a beautiful day in Orlando for a visit to Walt Disney World. It happened to be the first day of "summer" for my kids and what better way to enjoy it than at Disney.

My daughter and her boyfriend headed to Fantasia Gardens for a round a mini golf. It was nice to get an Annual Passholder discount for them.
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While they were enjoying their time playing mini golf, Bryan and I enjoyed our time at Big River Grille and Brewing Works. We were stopping by for a tapping party. Kent, the brewmaster was tapping his Belgian Golden Strong
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Belgian Golden Strong
We've been to a few tappings at Big River Grille. It's a fun way to enjoy their specialty taps. There are always a number of locals that come out to the tapping parties at Big River. I always end up meeting new folks from these events cause everyone is so happy from the beers!

During these tappings the beer being tapped is on special for $3. The Belgian Golden Strong is a great beer. I gave it a 4.5* on Untapped. I love the fresh taste of drinking beers made in house. This has a great smell and color to add to the taste. Be careful as it comes in at 9.5% ABV!

There were passed plates of Crab Cakes to help offset the high alcohol in the beer. This was a nice touch. I enjoyed them and it was nice to be able to try them since I've never had the Crab Cakes here.
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Crab Cakes

While we came for the Belgian Golden we got a pint of the Red Rocket Ale to enjoy as well. This is a solid Red Ale. I'm not a big fan of Red Ales, but I do enjoy this one. This beer won the Gold Medal at this year's Best Florid Beer Championship.

During our visit, we talked to a few of the folks working here and there was "talk" that Big River may become a Rock Bottom Brewery. That would be cool. They'd get a remodel and a whole new menu. I've enjoyed Rock Bottom a number of times when I lived in Denver.

I like my craft beer and I'm happy I have a place to get some good beers while I'm at Walt Disney World.

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Rocket Red Ale
After enjoying some beers and bites at Big River, Bryan and I made our way over to Epcot. The Boardwalk at Walt Disney World is one of my favorite places. If you can take a stroll around dusk it looks amazing.
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Boardwalk, disney, disney orlando, florida

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Once we got to Epcot we made our way over to the French Pavillion. I was in the mood for some cheese and bread. Les Halles Boulangerie & Pâtisserie is perfect for a light dinner.
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This counter service restaurant in the French Pavilion has so many desserts that look tempting.
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This is one of my favorite meals at Disney. It's simple, delicious and cheap. We get the Imported Cheese Plate, a large baguette and a glass of Bordeaux for about $20.
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Imported Cheese Plate, Baguette & Bordeaux

We enjoyed our food by the gardens and enjoyed watching the sunset.
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france, epcot, disney, walt disney world, florida

My main mission for visiting Epcot this evening was to make our way over to L'Artisan des Glaces to try an Ice Cream, Martini. I've wanted to visit for some time.

L'Artisan des Glaces is a small shop nestled between Chefs de France and Les Halles Boulangerie Pâtisserie. You will find a sixteen different artisan ice creams and sorbets flavors to choose from. You can choose between a cup and a cone or there are a few specialty items on the menu.

I was coming here specifically for the Ice Cream Martini, but I will have to come back to try the Macaron and the Croque Glacé.
france, epcot, disney, walt disney world, florida, ice cream, gelato

france, epcot, disney, walt disney world, florida, ice cream, gelato

france, epcot, disney, walt disney world, florida, ice cream, gelato

While I knew what I wanted it took me some time to figure out the right concoction. What ice creams would I choose to go with what alcohol?  I ended up the Carmel fleur de sel and Coffee topped with Grand Marnier.
france, epcot, disney, walt disney world, florida, ice cream, gelato

france, epcot, disney, walt disney world, florida, ice cream, gelato, martini
Ice Cream Martini
This was a great adult dessert: the ice cream taste light and airy and blended nicely with the liqueur. I think about how many different possibilities there are to enjoy an Ice Cream Martini. Next visit I'm going to try it with the Whipped Cream Vodka, yum!

This charming artisan ice cream shop is a new favorite of mine at Epcot. I thought the $11.50 was a good price. This was plenty for the two of us to split and enjoy. You could definitely taste the liqueur in the dessert.

You have to be careful on hot days as there is not seating inside and your Ice Cream Martini could become an ice cream shake.

Be sure to check out L'Artisan des Glaces on Twitter where you can enjoy some tasty tweets.

After a great evening in the French Pavilion, we made our way back to Fantasia Gardens. During our walk, we took in the wonderful view of Disney as the sun was setting.
Sunset, Walt Disney World, disney, florida

Sunset, Walt Disney World, disney, florida, resorts

Sunset, Walt Disney World, disney, florida, resort, beach

Sunset, Walt Disney World, disney, florida, resort

Sunset, Walt Disney World, disney, florida

I'm thankful that I can come and visit Walt Disney World so often. I always continue to enjoy my visits and I look forward to the next time I do some exploring at Walt Disney World.