May 07, 2014

Stardust Video & Coffee

Stardust Video & Coffee was one of the first restaurants we checked out after our move to Orlando three years ago. Bryan and I stopped by on a Monday evening while the Audubon Park CommunityMarket was taking place.

I remember thinking how cool it was to have a neighborhood market like this on a Monday and you could get a beer to boot!
Since that first visit we've stopped by a number of times, but often just for a drink during the Monday MarketI've only had meals here a few times. I just never really thought much about stopping by. I think it's because I couldn't pin down if I liked it enough to warrant visits outside of stopping by on Mondays.

There are a couple of factors going on here. It's a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, meets bookstore and video; all rolled into one eclectic establishment. I think Audubon Park is an eclectic neighborhood.  Stardust fits right in, but it's one of those places where you're not sure if they are trying to hard to be hip or if that is just who they are?
Stardust Video & coffee in Audubon Park Orlando

Stardust Video & coffee in Audubon Park Orlando

Stardust Video & coffee in Audubon Park Orlando
All my visits had been at night, so I thought it would be nice to check them out for lunch.

Bryan ordered the Ivy League Cuban with a side of greens and I got The Crispin Glover with a side of chips and salsa. Both sandwiches were good, but I really enjoy the Crispin Glover with its chicken pesto. The dressing that went with the greens was very good as well. 
Stardust Video & coffee in Audubon Park Orlando
The Crispin Glover
Stardust Video & coffee in Audubon Park Orlando
Ivy League Cuban
I had never gotten a coffee drink from Stardust Video & Coffee and thought I should perhaps try one since it is a coffee shop. I asked for a recommendation and ended up with an iced espresso with milk.  It was perfect. 

Stardust Video & coffee in Audubon Park Orlando
Along with the coffee they have a nice cocktail menu and a good selection of craft beers. I have found that they have a cocktail of the day and they are quite tasty. 

I do wish they had a beer menu. I like to sit down and browse a menu. I also like to know how much the beers are going to cost. I've had sticker shock once so I prefer having that knowledge before I pay the bill. 
Stardust Video & coffee in Audubon Park Orlando
George Washington & The Cherry Tree
Craft Beers at Stardust Video & Coffe in Audubon Park
On Mondays during the Market you are free to come in and enjoy the food and drinks in the restaurant. They also have a tent out front with the other vendors selling some bites and a draft beer. 

I'm glad we stopped by for lunch. It was a nice experience. Monday nights are fun too, but there are a lot of people enjoying the Market and it was a nice change of pace to have a relaxed lunch.  We enjoyed chatting with the staff and taking a moment to see that we really do enjoy stopping by Stardust.
Stardust Video & coffee in Audubon Park Orlando
Check Stardust Video & Coffee out on Facebook.  Along with the Monday Community Market they have other fun events taking place each month.


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