Se7ven Bites a Sweet & Savory Bakeshop

I have heard many wonderful things about Se7ven bites from my friends who had enjoyed dining at this local eatery. I had wanted to make it over to this bakery located in Orlando's Milk District for some time, but it never seemed to work out. I was happy I finally got to visit the eatery with some of my local CFL Lady Bloggers. 
Se7ven Bites Orlando
se7ven Bites
Trina the owner had invited a few of the ladies to come in and sample some bites and find out the story behind this "Sweet & Savory Bakeshop".  

The eatery is small with about a dozen two top tables and some "bar" seating. I love the quaintness about it, as the ladies working here are very friendly.
Se7ven Bites Orlando
The daily menu consists of a selection of sweets and savory baked goods to choose from along with a handful of daily specials.
Menu at Se7ven Bites Orlando
Our group got to sample a plate of their more popular items including Biscotti, Breakfast Bread Pudding, the Morning Biscuit, Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken Salad.
Se7ven Bites Orlando

Morning Biscuit at Se7ven Bites Orlando
Morning Biscuit
The food here is "Southern American".  Each item we tried had a wonderful story behind it and a few of the stories were close to Trina's heart including baking with her grandmother. Chef Trina told us how she came up with the name Se7ven Bites. Trina had been overweight and after having her son she knew she needed to make dietary changes. She underwent surgery and now has to eat smaller portions; hence Seven Bites. She felt that by having food that fulfilled all the taste requirements in just seven bites she could be satiated. Trina is absolutely right, her foods are filled with the right amount of flavor that satisfies you, so you don't need to eat so much to enjoy.

While the stories were heartfelt you can taste the love from them in the food. I enjoyed everything we tried. The Morning Biscuit is buttery with a pimento cheese sauce that flavors the egg quite nicely. The Chicken Salad isn't weighed down with mayonnaise but has a savory whipped cream as a binder. I love that Trina is using dark chocolate in her Chocolate Chip Cookies.

While the food was delicious I have to mention how amazing the Orange Blossom Iced Tea was. This tea taste like Florida; the floral taste made you think of sunshine. It was perfect!
Orange Blossom Iced Tea Se7ven Bites Orlando
Ice Te
Make sure you save room to enjoy one of their many desserts they have baked fresh that day. We sampled some Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies that were delicious!
Se7ven Bites Orlando

Se7ven Bites Orlando

Se7ven Bites Orlando
I look forward to joining some of my friends and becoming a regular at Se7ven Bites. Trina and her gals are baking some delicious food here in Orlando and they do it with a lot of love and passion.

Have you been to Se7ven Bites? If so what were your favorites? Did you try the tea?

~April 2014 Visit
Chicken Pot Pie Se7ven Bites Restaurant in Orlando
Chicken Pot Pie

Se7ven Bites Sweet & Savory Bake Shop in Orlando
Tuna Salad

~April 2015 Visit
Se7ven Bites a Sweet & Savory Bakeshop
Chocolate Chip Duffin
A few other local bakeries to check out:

Weekly Explorations With a Craft Beer Road Trip, Audubon Park Community Market, East End Market and More

It's funny how in most of the country February is a time to stay warm indoors. In Florida it's the month when festivals & events are in full force.

I had a busy week. We got some great news at the beginning of the week that our oldest officially made it into the University of Tampa. She's going to play on the softball team too! We are proud of her. She was homeschooled for six years. Our philosophy could be summed up by the quote by Alfred Mercier "What we learn with pleasure we never forget". She has also been awarded some scholarships. I'm only opening up about this because many people doubted our choice. She's had to persevere quite a lot since our family has moved a number of times in the last five years.

I'm thrilled that we will be doing much more exploring in Tampa over the next few years!
Henry B. Plant Museum at the University of Tampa

The Courtesy Bar

The Courtesy Bar in Downtown Orlando

I like the vibe of The Courtesy Bar in downtown Orlando. Space is small, but it's a visual delight with a charming look about the place. It reminds me of what Anthropologie would look like if they made and intimate bar to enjoy handcrafted cocktails.

Weekly Explorations in Orlando With Visits to Baldwin Park, Local Restaurants, Downtown Orlando and Craft Beer

Happy Monday! It looks to be a great day here in Orlando. Hopefully, you have this holiday off and you can enjoy the sunshine.

This weekend marked our third year anniversary of moving to Orlando. We thought we would be moving to Tampa, but we found a better fit here in Orlando. I am a bit surprised at how much I enjoy living in Orlando or Florida for that matter. I guess I never thought of myself as living in the South. I don't handle the heat too well, but so many other things outweigh the hot summers.

I think what I enjoy the most is that there is so much to do in this state. With all the towns and beaches to explore, along with the attractions and events you will have a hard time being bored!

One of my favorite places I enjoy here in Orlando is Harbor Park. It's a very small park located in Baldwin Park.  I love coming here day or night and take in the sights. It's a beautiful spot to just be and I enjoy strolling over here a few times a week.
Harbor Park in Baldwin Park Orlando

Postcard Inn on the Beach in St. Pete Beach Florida

One of my favorite things to enjoy in life is the sun setting over the Gulf Coast. I feel very lucky that I can enjoy that more frequently now that I live in the Sunshine State.  

Our family has enjoyed many vacations stays along this Florida Coast. I like how each beach has its own feel about it. One of my favorite Florida beaches is St. Pete Beach. My first visit was in 2008 when Bryan and I enjoyed a stay at the Don CeSar. This visit back to St. Pete Beach included my oldest daughter. We time around we were looking for something a bit fun and hip for our teen, and Postcard Inn on the Beach was it.
Postcard Inn on the Beach St. Pete Beach Florida
Our visit for the night was on a Sunday in October. I thought it would be a bit quiet and slow, but once we walked in the lobby you could get a vibe that the place was happening.  I absolutely love the classic Florida look about this motel. They have pulled off a class surfer throwback look and yet modern and stylish at the same time.

Weekly Explorations in Orlando with Visits to the East End Market, Baldwin Park, Local Eats, Walt Disney World and More

Happy Monday! The rain has cleared and we're getting to enjoy some beautiful Florida weather.

Wednesday I biked over to the East End Market. I was planning on grabbing a coffee & a pastry, but ended up getting a flight of Florida craft beer at Local Roots instead. The flight is $10 and you can choose any 5 beers/ciders you'd like. Belly up to the bar and you're likely to enjoy some lively conversations with other customers.
Craft Beer Flight at Local Roots in the East End Market Orlando

All Things Sweet by O.U.R. Mission

I was excited to find out more about All Things Sweet. This bakery is part of the Orlando Union Rescue Mission where the teach homeless women and men the art and business of baking. I joined a dozen Central Florida Lady Bloggers for a luncheon where we not only got to enjoy their baked goods, but we learned a bit about the bakery and their mission as well.
All Things Sweet by O.U.R. Mission

Volunteering in Orlando ~ Second Harvest Food Bank

I was excited to be part of a day of volunteering at the Second Harvest Food Bank. I am a bit familiar with the work of Second Harvest, but I was looking forward to visiting and finding out what it would be like as a volunteer and see what they do first hand.

I went with a group of about twenty other lady bloggers who are part of the Central Florida Lady Bloggers. Our group was assigned a date and time for when were going be sorting food and putting them in boxes.

Second Harvest Food Bank has a wonderful website that makes volunteering quite easy. You can organize a group or sign in for a slot that works best for you. There are a number of opportunities each week. They also have a Family Night once a month on Tuesday evening and "unique" volunteer opportunities at various events around town.  
Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

Valentine's Day Events in Orlando

I will be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary this year.  While I always feel like our anniversary is the day to profess my love to Bryan, I don't mind having some date night fun with him around Valentine's Day.  Here are some Valentine's Day events taking place in and around Orlando this month.
*Click the links below for more info.

Wednesday 2/5
Startdust Lounge - Valentine's Day Peek a Boo $7 ~ 9pm.

Thursday 2/6
*Meet + Make Valentine's Day Workshop $15 ~ 6pm-8pm.

*Orlando Museum of Art - The Art of Love,  Love of Art $10 ~ 6pm-9pm.

Friday 2/7
*Loews Portofino Bay Hotel - Harbor Nights Romantico $45-$85 ~ 6:30pm-9pm.

Saturday 2/8
*Audubon Park Garden District - Show Your Love, Share Your Love Sip & Stroll $15 ~ 2pm-5pm.

Sunday 2/9
*Audubon Park Garden District - Vintage Valentine  *Free ~1pm-6pm.

*Winter Park - Valentine Concert in Central Park *Free ~ 4pm-6:30pm.

Thursday 2/13
*Redlight Red Light - 2nd Annual Galentine's Day ~ 6pm-8pm.

*Adjective's Market - A Night of Vintage Romance *Free ~ 6pm-9pm.

*Nude Nite - *Takes place 13th, 14th & 15th $20-$25 ~ 6pm-12am.

*Truffles & Triffles - Valentine's Date Night $140 per couple ~6:30pm.

*Nerd Nite Orlando - Nerdy Speed Dating, Virtual Virgins, and Whips n' Chains n' Dirty Names $10 for Speed Dating free for presentations ~ 7pm-9:15.

*Drip - The Candy Bar *Takes place 13th, 14th & 15th $43-$55 ~ 9pm.

Friday 2/14
*Cassleberry - Art & Romance in the Park *Free ~ 6pm-9pm.

*Leu Gardens - Valentine's Stoll $16-$21 ~ 7pm-10pm.

*Oblivion Taproom - Oblividate *Free ~ 7pm.

*Valentine's Taste Lounge - $95 per couple ~ 7:30pm-10pm.

*The First Annual Cupid's Adventure Crawl -$35 ~ 9pm-2am

Saturday 2/15
*Enzian Theater - Valentine's Day Brunch $100 per couple ~ 10 am.

*Orange County Regional History Center - Warner Bros. Valentine's Day Date Night $15 non-members ~ 7pm-8:30 pm.

Downtown Food & Wine Fest 2014

One thing I've noticed since moving to Orlando is this city sure has some great festivals.  While many people are dealing with the cold we can get out there and enjoy some sun, food and fun.  One of the local festivals I'm looking forward to trying is the annual Downtown Food & Wine Fest.

Downtown Food & Wine Fest