Via Napoli in Epcot

Our family headed for Epcot to enjoy Holidays Around the World. We were there to get into the Christmas spirit. Though before we could do some exploring the first thing we needed to figure out was where to eat. Dining at Walt Disney World can be quite expensive, and since this wasn't for a special occasion we were looking for something of good value.

While we've dined at the majority of restaurants in Epcot, Via Napoli was one of the few places we had never enjoyed a meal at.

I love the openness of the restaurant,t and as soon as you walk in you see the unique pizza ovens.
Via Napoli in the Italy Showcase at Epcot

Via Napoli
I had heard amazing things about the pizza being served here and we decided that while we've been enjoying dining at Tutto Gusto it was time to try some pizza and see for ourselves.

While the $40 price tag is a bit of a shock for a large pizza; we knew it was still much cheaper for our family of five than dining at many of the other table service restaurants at Epcot. Though the pizza states it feeds 3-5 people we weren't sure if it would be enough for our family of five since we have a growing teenage son.  We thought we'd play it safe and order the Mezze Rigatoni alls Crema con Pollo to go along with our pizza.

Once we placed our order we were served some fresh bread and olive oil which a blessing for our hungry children.
Bread at Via Napoli
While we were waiting for our food we took in the restaurant. Space is large making it quite loud. I didn't mind the noise as it made me feel like dining at a house with lots of families enjoying themselves. If you're looking for quite and dark head over to Tutto Gusto and you will be very happy there. Via Napoli is a great place to dine with groups. During our visit, we witnessed three birthday celebrations taking place in the restaurant.

I couldn't believe when our server Alberto brought our pizza out; it was enormous! The pie took up most of our table. See this picture below, it looks amazing and I'm happy to say that indeed the pizza was wonderful. All five of us agreed it was a delicious pizza. I love thin crust and this was cooked to perfection.
Pizza at Via Napoli

Pizza at Via Napoli
While the pizza probably would have been enough for our family we were more than happy to enjoy our pasta dish as well. The bowl doesn't look that big, but it was plenty for each of us to have a little to enjoy.
Pasta at Via Napoli
One of my favorite things about the Italian Pavilion in Epcot is there a nice selection of craft beers. I enjoyed a small glass of Birra del Borgo; this was a wonderful Winter Warmer.
Craft Beer at Via Napoli
It's nice to find places to eat at Walt Disney World where we can all enjoy the food and not break the bank while doing so. Via Napoli became a family favorite after that night.