The Thirsty Topher Beer and Wine Bar

I was looking for a local bar where our Lady Crafters could meet up for some craft beer and camaraderie.  I had reached out to a couple of places in town and it was nice to hear back from Jason at the Thirsty Topher.  He responded that they'd be more than happy to host the Ladies.

We were all excited to check out this new bar located in Ivanhoe Village.  Word was it's a good local spot to enjoy a beer.
Entrance to The Thirsty Topher
I love how The Thirsty Topher is a bit hidden off the main streets; it's a bit tucked in the neighborhood. Our group of eighteen ladies came rolling in shortly after five and made ourselves at right at home. The bar isn't that big, but with the open garage door it adds some nice outdoor seating and opens up the venue a bit. The night we were there the temps were a bit nippy, but the outdoor heaters kept us all warm.

The look of the bar is very natural. There are some beautiful tables and a bar that are made out of cypress wood. I especially enjoyed the laid back music playing in the background.
Inside of The Thirsty Topher
Jeremy and Ron the owners came over to greet our table. Ron would be serving us for the evening. I enjoyed chatting with him about beer and what they offer their customers. Currently, Ron said their focus was mainly on craft beer made in the states.  

I got settled and I took a look at the nice printed menu. Ron was wonderful; he had so much patience with me.  It takes me a while to figure out what I'm going to order. Now that I know a bit about beer I seem to take a long time deciding. Plus I always think it's nice when there are a number of tasty options I get to choose from.

Along with the beers on the menu, you will find a dozen or so on draft. You can also do a flight of five beers on draft of your choice for $8. Along with the beers, there are some wines and a couple of ciders too.
Craft Beer Menu at The Thirsty Topher

Bar at The Thirsty Topher
Currently, they don't serve food, though they did have glasses of Goldfish to munch on. Our group stopped by on a Thursday night. Sushi and Seoul food truck has been set up at the Thirsty Topher on Thursdays. Sushi and Seoul is one of my favorite food trucks in town and this was a great way to enjoy some local eats and craft beer.  
Sushi & Seoul on The Roll Food Truck at The Thirsty Topher

Spicy Crab Nachos Sushi & Seoul on the Roll
Spicy Crab Nachos Sushi & Seoul on the Roll
We had such a great time at the Thirsty Topher that they want to have another meet-up there. It was one of those nights where everything worked and made for a memorable night. The setting, the service, the beer make for a place I look forward to frequenting.
Craft Beer at The Thirsty Topher