The Burger Place in Melbourne

Our family was on our way down to Vero Beach for the Christmas holiday. We thought we'd take a detour through Melbourne and grab some lunch. This was our first time in downtown Melbourne and I had no idea they had such a charming main street.

I had done a little researching and found our The Burger Place was a restaurant worth checking out for lunch.  
The Burger Place
I loved the look about this burger joint. The colors are bright and everything is clean. 

The counter is right through the door. We were warmly greeted and took a minute to look over the menu. You will find a very basic burger menu with plenty of toppings to make it the way you'd like. They have a Chicken Sandwich option as well as a kid's menu. You'll find some fries and salad on the side.

You'll find your usual Coke products, but if you're coming here make sure you order a shake. While not a big beer menu you will find a few inexpensive options.
The Burger Place
There are a number of 4 top tables inside and a large table up front. If the Florida weather is nice they have a lovely patio where you can enjoy people watching.  
The Burger Place

The Burger Place

Milkshake at The Burger Place

Chocolate Shake
Burger at The Burger Place

Family Eats at The Burger Place

French Fries The Burger Place
Large order of fries

Chicken Caesar Salad at The Burger Place
Chicken Caesar Salad
Our family raved about the food here. The buns are made in-house and the burgers are cooked to perfection. On top of that, the food is priced right for a casual place to grab a burger. The staff was friendly and engaging. We all were very happy with our lunch.

The Burger Place would make for a nice spot to grab a quick bite to eat after the beach or if you're looking for something a bit casual while strolling around town.

We may have found a place where we start taking the long way to get to Vero Beach so we can enjoy some great local eats.