January 22, 2014

Quantum Leap Winery in Orlando

Did you know there's a winery in Orlando? Don't expect rolling hills covered in grapes though; Quantum Leap Winery is housed in an old warehouse along the Orlando Urban Trail in the Ivanhoe Village neighborhood.

I had an opportunity to explore and discover what Orlando wines are all about. Quantum Leap Winery opened their doors to some Central Florida Lady Bloggers and gave us a nice history and taste of their winery.
Wine at Quantum Leap Winery Orlando
I love how Quantum Leap Winery is a bit off the beaten path. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but walking into the building I was pleasantly surprised at how inviting their tasting room was. There is a wine bar and plenty of comfortable seating throughout where you are able to sit back and enjoy your drink. They also had a table set up with some nice wine accessories to purchase.
Quantum Leap Winery in Orlando

Wine bar at Quantum Leap Winery

Our group enjoyed sampling a couple of their white wines and a couple of their red wines. Jill the owner was on hand giving us descriptions to each wine. I think we all fell in love with Kaley's Rescue Red. We learned about the grapes and where they came from. I likened the winery to how craft beer is made by using different hops from all over and creating a recipe unique to the brand. This red blend was not only tasty, but a portion of the sales are donated to the SPCA in honor of their rescue dog.

While we were enjoying our wine we were offered some complimentary cheese from La Femme du Fromage and chocolates from Peterbrooke Chocolatier to pair with our wine. Lisa from Orlando Uncorked had laid out cards for us that suggested what cheese and chocolate would go with each glass of wine. Pairing the wines with the cheese and chocolate was a delicious delight.
Glasses of wine at Quantum Leap Winery Orlando

Cheese from La Femme du Fromage

Chocolates from La Femme du Fromage
While the wine, cheese and chocolate were all wonderful my favorite part of the evening was our tour of the winery with Jill. I loved hearing how passionate she is about her wines. It was fascinating to hear how the winery came about and I was intrigued learning about their commitment to sustainability. I really never gave much thought into the carbon footprint of wine. The winery uses kegs, which helps cut shipping costs and reduces waste. If you're wondering how do they keep their wines fresh on tap, they have special tap system that prevents spoilage.  
Glass of red wine at Quantum Leap Winery in Orlando

Storage room at Quantum Leap Winery
I'm thankful for the opportunity to come and taste some wine made here in Orlando and learn more about Quantum Leap Winery. The winery is a great space to have events or come hang out with friends. They currently have a Wine Down on the second Friday of the month. During the Wine Down they have live entertainment and a food truck, a nice touch to start your weekend.
Painting of wine glass at Quantum Leap Winery
If you're looking for something unique in Orlando Quantum Leap Winery is worth the visit.  


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