Black Bean Deli ~ A Cuban Café in Orlando

I was excited when I heard that Black Bean Deli would be opening up another location on Colonial Drive. I had heard great things about their Winter Park location, but I hadn't had a chance to visit that spot since we moved here. With a location closer to me I had a better opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.
Local Eats in Orlando ~ Black Bean Deli
Both of my visits were with groups of friends. Which is interesting considering the restaurant isn't very big, but both times we were accommodated for. While the space inside is a bit small there is a large covered patio with plenty of tables.  
Local Eats in Orlando ~ Black Bean Deli Patio
I like the clean-cut style of the restaurant. The wood makes it warm and the tile floor is quite nice.
Seating at Black Bean Deli Orlando

This is counter service.  There are a handful of menus to read from while you are waiting in line. You also get to drool over the desserts they have displayed by the counter. The menu has a handful of Sandwiches to choose from. They also have a handful of platters that come with a side of rice, black beans, sweet plantains and salad. You'll also find some Beans, Soups and Sides on the menu as well.
Baked Goods at Black Bean Deli Orlando
For my first visit I went with the Cuban. I usually just drink water for lunch, but they had a number of Latin sodas and I asked for a recommendation and enjoyed a can.  

I was impressed with my sandwich it was quite tasty and bigger than I thought it would be. This lunch was a great value coming in around $7.
Cuban Sandwich at Black Bean Deli Orlando
Cuban Sandwich
My next visit was for dinner. This time I got one of the few beers they have on hand. Interesting enough I found out from one of my friends that this Cuban beer is now made in Florida by the Florida Beer Company. I'm not much of a fan of pilsner beer, but I did enjoy La Tropical.
Beer at Black Bean Deli Orlando
It took me forever to figure out what to order. I knew how big the Platters were from seeing my friends get them on my last visit. I really enjoyed the Cuban Sandwich, but wanted to try something new. I looked at the menu for a good fifteen minutes while I was chatting with friends.

I finally went up and asked for a suggestion and they recommended I went with the Special for the Day. I'm not sure what they called it, but it was some delicious pork served on a platter. This would have been enough food to split with my husband and then have room left over for dessert. Since he didn't accompany me I HAD to eat it all up myself.  I love rice and beans and these are good. I enjoy plantain, but only need a couple. The salad was a nice way to get my greens in.  

I know it will be even harder on my next visit to figure out what to eat, as it's all-good.
Special of the Day at Black Bean Deli Orlando
Needless to say Coconut Macaroons were not going to happen this visit. I guess I have another reason to come back for more.
Coconut Macaroon at Black Bean Deli Orlando

If you're looking for some good Cuban food you don't have to travel too far to find some right here in Orlando at Black Bean Deli

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