Hot Krust Panini Kitchen

I enjoy sandwiches, and the more creative the better. If were going out for a bite I want to get a sandwich I probably wouldn't make at home. I have found that I can enjoy a tasty creative panini sandwich at Hot Krust Panini Kitchen. 

Hot Krust Panini Restaurant in Orlando
My first visit to Hot Krust was during a Yelp Elite event.  Evan the owner had graciously opened up his restaurant for us to sample so many of his wonder panini creations. I love a great panini and he overwhelmed me with so many tasty sandwiches to choose from. We got to sample so many sandwiches that I lost track of them. I have to say that I enjoyed every one of them.  One of the items that blew me away that night was the Baked Sweet Potato Waffle Fries. These were amazing; I couldn't believe that they were baked and not fried as they were nice and crisp.

Another visit I was by myself down by Dr. Philips and thought I'd stop by for a tasty lunch.  It was nice to walk in and have Evan recognize me. I'd only been to Hot Krust once before, but we did enjoy talking with one another and for him to remember me was very impressive.

This visit I went with the Buffalo Bill Chicken and a side of the Sweet Potato Fries. It was delicious, and I enjoyed the onions and peppers that came with it. I liked that it wasn't the usual "Buffalo Chicken" sandwich.
Hot Krust Panini Restaurant in Orlando
Buffalo Bill Chicken and a side of the Sweet Potato Fries
I am not a fan of soda, so I was happy to see there was a Tropical Fruit tea. I have to say this tea was wonderful and it had a lovely fruity smell about it.  I appreciate that a "standard" tea wasn't offered. If I had been dining at night I would have taken advantage of the nice craft beer selection Hot Krust offers.

If you have room to enjoy a sweet treat you must grab a Chocolate Chip Cookie. They are delicious!
The nice thing about Hot Krust is that they are right off of I-4, so when we were making a road trip to Tampa I knew where I had to stop in for a lunch before our drive. My oldest daughter was with us and she wanted a Philly Steak Panini. She's not as adventurous when it comes to food, so it was nice that Evan made her sandwich plain. The great thing about her sandwich sans the toppings was that the meat is so good that even without anything else it's still a great sandwich.
Hot Krust Panini Restaurant in Orlando
Philly Steak Panini

While I think Hot Krust has some of the best paninis's in town I opted for a salad this visit. There are a handful of tasty salads on the menu. I ordered the Grape Valley with turkey and I was blown away at how good this was.  The turkey is cooked to perfection and the combination of the vegetables was spot on.
Grape Valley

Hot Krust is one of my favorite spots in Orlando to enjoy a casual bite. The food has been delicious every visit and it's a great deal too with most items around $7.  Evan is a welcoming owner greeting all of his customers and explaining to them how everything is made fresh.  There are no preservatives and nothing is fried. Evan has pride in his restaurant and the consumers are the lucky ones who get to benefit from it.  

~November 2013 Visit
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