Hot Krust Panini Kitchen

I enjoy sandwiches, and the more creative the better. If were going out for a bite I want to get a sandwich I probably wouldn't make at home. I have found that I can enjoy a tasty creative panini sandwich at Hot Krust Panini Kitchen. 

Hot Krust Panini Restaurant in Orlando
My first visit to Hot Krust was during a Yelp Elite event.  Evan the owner had graciously opened up his restaurant for us to sample so many of his wonder panini creations. I love a great panini and he overwhelmed me with so many tasty sandwiches to choose from. We got to sample so many sandwiches that I lost track of them. I have to say that I enjoyed every one of them.  One of the items that blew me away that night was the Baked Sweet Potato Waffle Fries. These were amazing; I couldn't believe that they were baked and not fried as they were nice and crisp.

Orlando Itineraries ~ Sunday Around Lake Eola Park

One of my favorite times to enjoy Downtown Orlando is on a Sunday. The business traffic is gone and there's a nice relaxed vibe going on.

A tasty way to start the day is with brunch at one of the many local eateries.  I've enjoyed brunch at Dexter's, 310 Lakeside and Sonoma Draught House.

1. Brunch
Brunch at Dexter's Thornton Park