October 09, 2013

Local Yolk'l Food Truck

I'm a big fan of breakfast and brunch. Bryan on the other hand is a pretty simple guy when it comes to eating an early meal. I enjoy going out for brunch, but we don't do it that often because he's quite happy with his boring bowl of cereal.

One way I get to enjoy my breakfast fix and Bryan can get what he wants is during a food truck event. My truck that I go to enjoy some tasty breakfast bites is Local Yolk'l.
Local Yolk'l Food Truck in Orlando
Local Yolk'l is a family run food truck. They sport local food on their truck including eggs from Lake Meadow Naturals. There are a lot of "brinner" options to choose from on their menu with a handful of sandwiches, pancakes, french toast and a few speciality items.
Local Yolk'l Food Truck in Orlando
The first time I looked at the menu I knew I had to get the Red Velvet Pancakes. Red velvet is one of my weaknesses. These pancakes were as delicious as they looked drizzled in a cream cheese frosting. I loved the nice touch of the chocolate chips sprinkled on top. These pancakes are big too; they took up the whole plate!
Local Yolk'l Food Truck in Orlando
Red Velvet Pancakes
My second visit to Local Yolk'l was tough. I stood in front of the menu for at least five minutes. Should I go with the Red Velvet Pancakes again or try something new? Did I want something on the sweeter side like the Hazelnut French Toast or perhaps a sandwich would be good this go around? Then I spotted the Dabbler and all was good. This specialty item was delicious.   thought the enchilada sauce pulled all the fillings in this burrito together quite nicely.  
Local Yolk'l Food Truck in Orlando
The Dabbler
Local Yolk'l has a nice location schedule on their website making it easy for you to find them. When you visit them be sure to pick up a Breakfast Club Card where your 6th entree is free.

Nicole and her husband are serving up some tasty local eats. They are a lovely couple that make this couple quite happy.  
Local Yolk'l Food Truck in Orlando

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