Il Pescatore Orlando

Our family had dinner at Il Pescatore last fall and we really enjoyed ourselves. The food was delicious and the atmosphere reminded us of being back in Philly; it had that Northeast charm about it. For how much we enjoyed it, I can't believe it took us so long to get back and enjoy another meal here.
Il Pescatore Restaurant in Orlando
This time, around it was just Bryan and me on a date, so to say. We were in the area and got to Il Pescatore a bit early for a Saturday night. While it was around 5 pm there were a number of folks enjoying their meal and the staff was setting up for two large groups.

I'm not sure how long the restaurant has been here since I've only lived in Orlando a couple of years, but you get a feeling that it has been around for some time. It has that lived in local look about the place that makes it a bit charming. I got a sense that a number of the customers that evening are regulars; I love places like that.

We didn't have the kids, this time, to help us eat a bunch of food.  Last time I ordered the Pollo Al Parmigiana and loved it, so I knew this time around I had to get it again. We got pizza and a Caesar Salad last visit and enjoyed those as well.  

The entrées are all served with a dinner salad, garlic bread and a side of pasta marinara. That is a lot of food for the two of us, so instead of ordering another entrée, we got antipasti of Mozzarella Fritta.
Mozzarella Fritta  Il Pescatore Orlando
Mozzarella Fritta
The Mozzarella Fritta was delicious; I enjoyed the breading and the sauce was perfect. The salad was your average dinner salad, it was tasty and I enjoyed the ranch dressing. The garlic bread is good and they gave us another loaf once we finished our first.
Dinner Salad and garlic bread at  Il Pescatore Orlando
Dinner Salad & Garlic Bread
I enjoyed the Pollo Al Parmigiana again. I love the homemade marinara sauce it's simple yet flavorful. I do hope the next visit to branch out a bit and try a Pasta Entrée.
 Pollo Al Parmigiana
 Pollo Al Parmigiana
Il Pescatore is a great local Italian eatery. I think you can enjoy it best when you come with a group so you can sample many entrées. I do wish the dishes had the option of family style. My only complaint is the $2 charge for sharing items, as I think when you come to a place like this you want to share your food.  

Il Pescatore is a popular place among locals; good eats in a simple setting with friendly service is what keeps them coming back.
 Il Pescatore Orlando