Bem Bom Food Truck

I will never forget how tasty my first meal from Bem Bom was. Bryan and I were at Zombietoberfest 2012 and Bem Bom was one of the food trucks serving up some local food truck fare.  I enjoy getting food from the trucks, but I prefer to do it in a setting where I can find a place to sit and enjoy a craft beer with my meal. Events that combine the two are a perfect way for me to come out and see what's on the menu.
Bem Bom Food Truck
Bem Bom Food Truck

For our first visit, we got two different types of tacos. Both were amazing with the way the meats and the toppings came together. I've had issues with good food being covered up with bad garnishments, but this wasn't the case. Everything tasted fresh and came together with full flavor. This was some of the best food I had enjoyed from a food truck. A nice bonus that night was being able to enjoy the food inside Redlight Red Light.

Fish Tacos from Bem Bom Food Truck
Mango Fish

Our next visit with Bem Bom was over in the Milk District during a Tasty Tuesdays. We enjoyed the Carnitas Taco so much the first visit that we got another order. We got a side of Nachos as well. The Nachos were a special that day. They were good too, but the sauce had a bit of a kick to it; stepping it up a notch from what I'm used to. I like it, it was just something I wasn't expecting.
Nachos at Bem Bom Food Truck in Orlando
This last visit to Bem Bom brought us back to Audubon Park for Zombietoberfest 2013. This time, Bryan went with the Piri-Piri Chicken Prego. This sandwich was delicious with a nice zip to it; the heat was there, but it wasn't overwhelming. The garnish was fresh and really made the sandwich a great dish. It was topped off with a refreshing Mexican Coke.
Piri-Piri Chicken Prego  Bom Food Truck in Orlando
Piri-Piri Chicken Prego
If you're looking for some great food truck eats check out Bem Bom's schedule on his website. They have a nice events calendar so you know where and when you can find them in Central Florida.  

I look forward to stopping by the truck again when it's their turn at the next Tasty Tuesdays.
Bem Bom Food Truck tacos
Tacos from Bem Bom Food Truck