September 19, 2013

Walt Disney World Dining ~ Flame Tree Barbecue

If you've been following my blog you will know that I love Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I love the moment I walk up to the entrance and start hearing the African music.  While I think Walt Disney World does an amazing job with their landscape and architecture, I feel that Disney's Animal Kingdom is a visual delight.

One place that I could sit at for hours and enjoy the view is over at the Flame Tree Barbecue.  This counter service restaurant has one of the most unique settings in all of Disney World.

The restaurant is located in Discovery Island, just off to the right of the Tree of Life.  You may have walked by here and not even realized there is a place to dine.  The seating area is well hidden among the trees.

Flame Tree Barbecue is outdoors and while the Florida heat might make you think twice about dining here, you'll soon forget about it after you take in the view.

The specialty here is barbeque with plates of ribs, chicken, pork and turkey legs.  There isn't much for the vegetarian, so while your options elsewhere may be better they do offer a Fruit Plate.  The kids have a few options including a Baked Chicken Drumstick and a Chicken Sandwich.
Once you've got your food wander down the path and find a spot to dine.  There are a handful of sections to sit.  The area is mostly shaded and in some spots you will find some relief from the heat with overhead fans.

Bryan and I usually like to split platters, so for our lunch we got a Ribs & Chicken Combo.  The combo came with Baked Beans and Coleslaw.  We got a large soda making our lunch about $20.  

I found the food tasty, but the meats were much better with the BBQ sauce that you will find at the utensil station in each seating area.  This was plenty of food for us to share for a lunch.  Next time I'd like to try the Pork Sandwich that comes with Coleslaw.

While the food is good, my favorite part of eating at Flame Tree Barbecue is the view.  We sat down by the water and took in the sights of Expedition Everest; I love this view.  I bet this is an amazing view once the sun starts to set.

When you're done eating take a moment to walk around the grounds of the restaurant.  There is a lovely pond and a number of animal sculptures scattered about.
If you're looking for a nice counter service option while visiting Animal Kingdom Flame Tree Barbecue is your place; your stomach and your eyes will thank you.

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