August 28, 2013

Yellow Dog Eats Restaurant, Cafe & Bar

Bryan & I were headed out to Clermont to watch our daughter's softball tournament. Her game was later in the afternoon and we were going early to do some exploring in the area. First we needed to get fueled up and make a stop for lunch. We made a slight detour south so we could grab a bite at Yellow Dog Eats. I had heard this restaurant was a favorite among the locals, so I couldn't wait to check it out.
Yellow Dog Eats
Yellow Dog Eats
I was surprised to see this eclectic eatery nestled up in the neighborhood. We followed the signs and found some parking out back. We saw some interesting neighbors as we walked by! They were quite talkative and made part of the charm of the eatery.
Chickens out back at Yellow Dog Eats
Wandering Roosters
You can walk around and go in the front door or make your way in through the back patio.
Yellow Dog Eats
Once we were inside we took a moment to take in the restaurant. This bistro is also has a nice wine selection for you to pursue.
Wine for sale at Yellow Dog Eats
Wine Selection
There are a few different areas in the restaurant where you can enjoy your meal. There is seating in the main dining room on the first floor, but if you'd like more space head upstairs. We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and enjoy our meal outdoor on the patio. This patio is quite inviting with plenty of seating and lush plants adding to the decor.
Upstairs seating at Yellow Dog Eats
Upstairs Seating
Patio seating at Yellow Dog Eats
There were a lot of tasty options on the menu appealing to both the meat and veggie fans. Since this was our first visit we asked for some suggestions. We decided to split the sandwich of the day and get a "Scooby Snack".  There is a whole case of delicious looking desserts and I'm always tempting by treats, but we were going to stop by The Donut King later on so I passed. Along with the wine you will find a nice selection of craft beer available.
Assorted Desserts at Yellow Dog Eats
Assorted Desserts
My Tangerine Wheat beer from Lost Coast Brewery was perfect for a summer afternoon.  The Mozzarella & Tomato salad was delicious with the right amount of seasonings. Bryan is a big fan of sandwiches and the Ye Olde Boys Club did not disappoint. This club sandwich was great and the bread they use is perfect; plenty big for the two of us to share.

There was another couple enjoying their meal on the patio and we soon made conversation. We found out it was their first visit as well and they were raving about the food too. They were enjoying the Pulled Pork Nachos and invited us to sample some. They were right, these nachos were delicious.
Tangerine Wheat~Mozzarella & Tomatoes at Yellow Dog Eats
Tangerine Wheat~Mozzarella & Tomatoes
Ye Olde Boys Club at Yellow Dog Eats
Ye Olde Boys Club
I now see why Yellow Dog eats is popular with the locals; you have great food with friendly service all set in a unique environment. I can't wait till my daughter has another tournament out this way and we can enjoy another meal here. Though if it doesn't happen soon we may have to find another excuse to make our way out west.

~November 2013 Visit
Sandwich at Yellow Dog Eats
Baa Baa BLT~Tomato Bisque


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