August 19, 2013

Drinking at Walt Disney World ~ Mizner's Lounge

Mizner's Lounge which is located in the lobby of Disney's Grand Floridian is my favorite Walt Disney World monorail resort lounge.  I like that Mizner's is removed and not part of all the hustle and bustle from the lobby below.  I find it to be romantic with it being a bit dark and secluded. 

We pick Mizner's Lounge to come enjoy a drink and listen to The Grand Floridian Orchestra Society. The lounge has a number of different seating configurations; a few chairs grouped together or a spot at the bar.  The bar has about eight chairs and is a nice spot to watch the game on TV. 

My biggest complaint with the lounge has more to do with Disney than the lounge itself. I remember a time when the hotels would have their own unique drink menu specific to that resort, nothing too elaborate but a handful of libations special to the theming of the resort. That has since changed and you will find a mostly homogenous menu across all the resorts.  Though I have found that Disney is slowly offering a few drinks unique to each resort.  Most people could care less, but I thought it was fun trying the drinks specific to each resort though it surely doesn't stop me from indulging.

If you're at the Magic Kingdom (which is dry except for dinner at Be Our Guest) and looking for a quiet place to grab a drink, hop on the boat to the Grand Floridian and belly up to the bar. Cheers!

Grand Cocktail

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