July 16, 2013

Walt Disney World Dining ~ Casey's Corner

My daughter and I were enjoying a summer evening at the Magic Kingdom. We were out and about making our way from Tomorrow Land to Adventure Land when we got stopped at Main Street due to the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party.  Once the floats had passed I heard the pianist at Casey's Corner. I always wanted to eat a meal there and enjoy the entertainment, so we headed over to grab some dinner. 

The restaurant was empty when we went in, allowing a number of Cast Members willing to help us out. I went with the Hot Dog Meal while CK got the Corn Dog Nuggets. I took advantage of the toppings bar and added all that I could. I was happy to see sauerkraut!

Once we were loaded up we took our tray and made our way to find a table. Though there weren't many folks ordering food inside, the restaurant was crowded with folks taking up tables and space inside and out.  I would say only about a third of the people had food. The others were resting or saving tables. While there are a couple of high top tables outside where you can eat your food while standing, I wasn't interested.  We had to wait about five minutes for an outside table to finally open.  Now we were able to sit back and enjoy the music and our dinner. 

I really enjoyed the piano tunes, but didn't care so much for the food. This isn't a place we'd normally dine at, in fact the last time we ate here was probably close to ten years ago.  While the classic ball park theme is fun, the crowded tables and mediocre food don't make me want to come back anytime soon.  I'll just be taking in the sights and sounds of Casey's Corner as I stroll by on Main Street USA.

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