June 19, 2013

Datz Tampa

Oh Datz how I wish you were closer.  You are everything I enjoy about going out to eat; a creative menu, tasty eats, great drinks, craft beer all set in a casual inviting atmosphere.
Datz Restaurant in Tampa
The first time I stopped by Datz I was with a group of friends.  We were in Tampa for the day checking out some local breweries and we were in need of some food.  There were eight of us and it was 6:00 pm on a Saturday night, the odds weren't in our favor.  We did have something going for us and that was the temps outside were in the 50's and the patio was all ours to enjoy. We put on our winter coats and hats and tried to get as close to the outdoor heaters as possible.

Dealing with the chill in the air was well worth it. I loved my Red Velvet Martini! Bryan and I found the Holy Guacamolee Mezrah to be delicious and plenty of food for the two of us to split. The bread ties all the fixin's together quite nicely. We sampled various dishes from our friends, enjoying them all.
Red Velvet Martini Datz Restaurant Tampa
Red Velvet Martini
We found ourselves in Tampa a month later and I knew I had to go back to Datz for more delicious eats.  This time we stopped by for lunch.  I did a little browsing before our table was ready.  The food items they offer in their market are unique; I saw a number of local items that would please any foodie.
Datz Restaurant in Tampa
For this visit Bryan & I each ordered our own dish.  I went with the Fancy Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup while he went with the Salmon Club.
Fancy Grilled Cheese & Soup Datz Restaurant in Tampa
Datz Fancy Grilled Cheese & Soup
Salmon Club in Datz Restaurant in Tampa
Salmon Club
We were both pleased with our choices and felt that neither of us had out ordered the other.  I also ended up getting another Red Velvet Martini.  It was lunch time, but it was Spring Break, so what the heck. It was just as good the second time around.

The prices at Datz are a up there with sandwiches costing about $12, but the amount of food and the quality you get is well worth it.  I have found that the sandwiches are plenty of food to split between two people.  We just wanted to be able to try a few more items, otherwise we would have been fine splitting.  

We topped off our dessert with a chocolate raspberry cupcake.  This was good, but I found that the one we brought home to eat was better since it had more time to come to room temperature.  
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake Datz Restaurant in Tampa
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake
I wish I got to Tampa more often so I could enjoy more meals at Datz.  It's going to be hard for me to explore other restaurants when I know I have everything that I enjoy right there at Datz.
Datz Restaurant in Tampa


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