Taka Takas ~ Authentic Venezuelan Food in Orlando

Taka Taka's Cafe was our destination for a March Lunch Bunch. Our group of eight was made quite comfortable thanks to our gracious waitress Yadira, who also happened to be celebrating her birthday that day. The restaurant had balloons and signs up for her, very touching!

I had never eaten Venezuelan food before and I saw that folks had very good things to say about Taka Takas.  I thought it's always more fun exploring new places with friends, so we made the drive out East Colonial to see what it was all about. 
Taka Takas in Orlando

Taka Takas restaurant in Orlando
I appreciate that the menu was pretty descriptive. There were so many tasty options to choose from. We all ordered our own plates for lunch, but we couldn't wait to share the deliciousness with each other. This allowed us all to try a bit more as we passed the plates around.

I think Bryan died and went to culinary heaven! I lost track of everything I ate, which is a disappointment because I would love to get a number of those dishes again. I do know that Bryan and I ordered the Pabellón Criollo & the Pollo Arepas. The flavors in the dishes were great and if that weren't enough Yarida brought out a number of sauces to put on the food.  I couldn't remember what they all were, but the green stuff was the bomb!

Venezuelan Food at Taka Takas

Venezuelan food at Taka Takas in Orlando
We had made ourselves at home during our lunch and felt the love from the kitchen and we wanted to thank them. The ladies came out so we could applaud their tasty work.

We wrapped up our lunch with a piece of cake to share among the group.  I wished I had saved my Café con leche to go with it; it would have complimented it quite nicely. 

Cafe con leche at Taka Takas in Orlando

We had a fantastic lunch and I look forward to exploring more of Taka Taka's menu.

*Taka Taka's Cafe