Taka Takas ~ Authentic Venezuelan Food in Orlando

Taka Taka's Cafe was our destination for a March Lunch Bunch. Our group of eight was made quite comfortable thanks to our gracious waitress Yadira, who also happened to be celebrating her birthday that day. The restaurant had balloons and signs up for her, very touching!

I had never eaten Venezuelan food before and I saw that folks had very good things to say about Taka Takas.  I thought it's always more fun exploring new places with friends, so we made the drive out East Colonial to see what it was all about. 
Taka Takas in Orlando

Ybor City Tampa

I enjoy taking day trips to Tampa; it’s a quick hour and a half drive from Orlando.  Bryan & I were taking our oldest two kids along with a friend of theirs to Tampa during Spring Break. The kids were going to Tampa Pro and the two of us were going to discover Ybor City. We came on a cloudy Sunday morning.  We dropped the kids off at the Skatepark of Tampa while we went to check into Hampton Inn Ybor City.

Sister Honey's in Orlando

Wow, I'm in love!  Ever since I first bit into the slice of Sister Honey's German Chocolate cake I knew I had a slice of heaven!

This unassuming bakery located in a strip mall at Orange & Michigan is home to award-winning baked goods. You'll find a number of Blue Medals showcased in the bakery.  
Sister Honey's
Baked Goods at Sister Honey's in Orlando
I felt like a little kid walking into the bakery. Everything looked delicious, but when I spotted that cake I knew what I was getting. German Chocolate Cake is my favorite, but my kids don't like it. I'm not about to eat a whole cake by myself, so I've been deprived for quite some time. This cake was moist and the coconut frosting was perfect!
German Chocolate Cake at Sister Honey's in Orlando
German Chocolate Cake
I thought that I was just going to treat myself, but I wondered what about the kids? Why not treat them to some goodies too. There was one condition, and that was mom got to sample as well.
Cupcakes at Sister Honey's in Orlando
Double Chocolate Cupcakes
Scones at Sister Honey's in Orlando
I picked up my daughters a couple of Oreo cupcakes, delicious!  These were some of the best cupcakes I've had. The cake was moist and the frosting melted in your mouth. 
Cupcakes at Sister Honey's in Orlando
Oreo Cupcakes
My son isn't into sweets, but he'll have some pie every once in a while. I debated on what pie to get him and ended up with a slice of Black Cherry. The crust was buttery, and the fillings divine!  I don't even want to know how many calories are hiding in there.
Black Cherry Pie at Sister Honey's in Orlando
Black Cherry Pie
I'm glad I listened to my friends. They were raving about Sister Honeys. This local bakery baked up some love for me. With goodies baked from scratch daily, I can't wait till I pop in again and treat myself to some Sister Honey's artisan delights!

Naturalization Ceremony at the Orlando Public Library.

I love the Orlando Public Library. I enjoy hanging out there browsing through books and movies. The library also has a number of events and activities taking place. When I saw that there would be a Naturalization Ceremony taking place, I couldn't wait to go witness the event.

There were about sixty folks getting sworn in. It was a very moving ceremony.  It was wonderful seeing all the happy faces and excited families.

Dexter's Winter Park

Dexter's in Winter Park is a true local eatery. Whenever I have been here I get a sense that there are a number of regulars dining amongst the crowded dining room.

I enjoy that Dexter's is off the path from the Park Avenue crowds. Hannibal Square has enough shops & eateries to make it charming and offer a lovely view while dining al fresco.
Dexter's Winter Park