Shopping at Universal CityWalk

I'm not a fan of malls. I prefer to do my shopping along some local avenues. While I don't like malls I don't mind shopping at the theme parks. There are a number of unique spots to find some fun stuff.  If I can go shopping and have a fun time doing so, why not?

Universal CityWalk is a place where my family all enjoys wandering around and checking out what's in store. While you're shopping you can grab some drinks or snacks and take in the nice view of Universal Orlando.  While it does cost money to park at CityWalk it is included in your season pass or if you are a Florida resident you can park for free after 6 pm.

PIQ at Universal CityWalk |
This unique gift shop will have you smiling as you browse the goods. It's all quite clever though the products here are more about fun rather than practicality. 
The store is not very big, but you will need to wander a few times as you may miss some items the first go around. You will find the staff friendly and willing to assist if needed.
PIQ at Universal CityWalk

I appreciate that there are gifts to be found in her for under ten dollars. My daughter got some pink fluffy earphones, hair color & a zipper bracelet each priced for a teen with a small budget. 

I have found that the merchandise in this store turns over a bit so if you find something but you're on the fence about it you'd better act. 

PiQ is a great spot to bring back something fun from your Universal vacation that doesn't scream theme park.  As a local it's one of our favorite spots to buy gifts.

PIQ at Universal CityWalk

Quiet Flight Surf Shop 

Quiet Flight Surf Shop at Universal Orlando CityWalk
I love browsing through this store. Yes, as a mom I'm pretty sure I'm not the target audience for Quiet Flight Surf Shop, but there are many "cool" clothes and "hip" accessories I can't help but check out.  There are a number of items I can purchase that my teens would like, but I won't look silly trying to buy.

Most of the clothes are fit for younger females while the men have a bigger choice. In fact, this is the first store I've been to where the men's selection is much larger than the gals. There are even some slim pickings for youngsters in the 8-10 range. 

Along with clothing, you'll find a good selection of shoes including Toms and Vans. You can also find some good options in hats, sunglasses jewelry, swimsuits and more. 

If you like Billabong, Volcom, Roxy, Quicksilver and the like this is your store. The service has always been friendly and the 10% Annual Passholder discount is a nice bonus.