Che'z Alcatraz Universal Oralndo

When our family visits Universal Orlando it usually entails my kids going on their own while my husband and I find a place to sit back and get a little grub and some drinks. Our usual choice for relaxing in the parks is hanging at the bar in Finnegan's.  We thought we should mix it up a bit and check out some other spots. That's when we made our way over to Che'z Alcatraz.
Outdoor Dining at Chez Alcatraz at Universal Orlando
This outdoor bar has become one of my favorite spots to grab a drink & some eats.  Overlooking the waterfront and in the heart of San Francisco, it has a fun atmosphere being right in the middle of the action in the park. You can belly up to the bar or grab one of the covered tables.  I always prefer sitting at the bar, I find it fun to engage with the bartenders.

While the beer list isn't that exciting there are a handful of cocktails that are enticing.  While the drinks are nice, what brings us to Che'z Alcatraz is their menu with some tasty eats.  There may only be a handful of items to choose from they are a bit creative and not as pricey as other theme park food. We've enjoyed some sandwiches, chips, and flatbreads.  This is by far my favorite spot in the park to grab a bite to eat.

Menu at Chez Alcatraz at Universal Orlando
One of my favorite memories in the park was when we came with our oldest daughter to watch the Macy's Holiday Parade. I was hoping we could grab a bite to eat after the parade, but I was worried they would be closed after the parade since they are an outdoor bar. They were closing up shop as we walked up, but some "suits" were there and said "no problem" so my husband, daughter & I then bellied up to the bar.  We ordered a couple of drinks, and our usual flatbread, sandwich & some chips.  We had fabulous service and had a fun time watching the NFL game on their new TV's.  Funny thing was after we sat down about thirty other folks came over for drinks & eats as well.

Chez Alcatraz at Universal Orlando
Red & Blue Chips

Chez Alcatraz at Universal Orlando
The Warf Sandwich
If you're looking for a place to escape the crowds and sit back and enjoy the sights stop by Che'z Alcatraz.  You'll find friendly service to go along with your drinks.  Grab a bite while you're at it!
Chez Alcatraz at Universal Orlando