Adjectives Market

Adjectives Market is a true visual delight!  When I first walked in I felt like a kid in a candy store, so much to look at where do I begin?
Adjectives Market Vintage Antiques & Art
This antique market is set up so that each vendor had their own designated space; each one being quite unique. I wandered up and down the aisles gazing at so many gems from the past. You'll find yourself smiling as you come across pieces that remind you of your childhood.

Shopping at Universal CityWalk

I'm not a fan of malls. I prefer to do my shopping along some local avenues. While I don't like malls I don't mind shopping at the theme parks. There are a number of unique spots to find some fun stuff.  If I can go shopping and have a fun time doing so, why not?

Universal CityWalk is a place where my family all enjoys wandering around and checking out what's in store. While you're shopping you can grab some drinks or snacks and take in the nice view of Universal Orlando.  While it does cost money to park at CityWalk it is included in your season pass or if you are a Florida resident you can park for free after 6 pm.

PIQ at Universal CityWalk |
This unique gift shop will have you smiling as you browse the goods. It's all quite clever though the products here are more about fun rather than practicality. 

Che'z Alcatraz Universal Oralndo

When our family visits Universal Orlando it usually entails my kids going on their own while my husband and I find a place to sit back and get a little grub and some drinks. Our usual choice for relaxing in the parks is hanging at the bar in Finnegan's.  We thought we should mix it up a bit and check out some other spots. That's when we made our way over to Che'z Alcatraz.
Outdoor Dining at Chez Alcatraz at Universal Orlando