Freshfields Farm

There are a number of things to love about Freshfields Farms. It's quite a visual delight when walking into the produce section; the colors of the fruits and vegetables just pop out at you. These aren't some wimpy displays. You will find a decent selection of fruits, vegetables, along with some dairy and various seasonings and such.
Tomatoes at Freshfields Farms

Pears Freshfields Farms

Apples at Freshfields Farms
This bounty provided by nature includes some local and some organic options. Each group of produce has a label stating its origin and if it's conventional or organic. While the selection is a big draw, a number of customers come here for the prices.  There are some great deals to be had. I got a week worth of produce for $23. That includes a 5 lb. bag of local grapefruit!
Produce at Freshfields Farms
Once you've got your produce make sure you make your way over to the meat department. Each department at Freshfields has their own outside entrance.This area is not as large as the produce, so if you come here at prime times you will be weaving in and out of customers. There have been times when I've walked right back out because of the crowds; my fault for not planning better!  You will find a decent selection of meat and fish. They also have some cheeses as well. I’ve purchased some bacon here; it was delicious and some of the best I've had.
Meats & Cheese at Freshfields Farms
I love shopping here, now if I could get my timing down a little better, so I can avoid all those other folks who love Freshfields Farm as much as I do.