Orlando Itineraries ~ Art & Drinks in Sanford

I love exploring all the charming towns in Florida. There's nothing like a stroll along the main street stopping at some local restaurants and shops along the way. This past November my husband and I went to visit Sanford for the evening. We joined some friends and had a great time wandering this charming town. I had no idea how much I would enjoy this Historic District and I can't wait to go back and see all the places I missed.

The fourth Friday of each month downtown Sanford hosts the Sanford Art Walk. Our visit was during the Sanford Art Walk, but we didn't have much opportunity to explore the various art venues due to time. Each month there is a different theme with January's theme being "Seminoles Got ARTalent". This event takes place from 6pm-9pm.

While you're taking your stroll among the shops, be sure to check out the Imperial at Washburn Imports Sanford. This furniture store/bar is a must. Just like the Imperial in Orlando, this furniture store doubles as a stylish bar serving up some tasty craft beers and wine. Unlike the Imperial in Orlando the Sanford location also serves up some creative libations. If you stop in between 5pm-7pm you can take advantage of their happy hour.
The Bar at The Imperial Washburn in Sanford    

The Imperial Washburn in Sanford
Speaking of drinks, the Sanford Pub Crawl also takes place this upcoming Friday. This month’s Pub Crawl has an Age of Aquarius theme; A great opportunity to bust out some bell bottoms. The Pub Crawl is $10 and you get "1 call drink (liquor bars) or premium beer or glass wine up to $5 value at each stop. Upgrades available or "Double Down" and add another drink of the same kind for an additional $3 when you present ticket stub"

If you're looking for a place to grab some dinner you will find Sanford has a number of options. Hollerback's Willow Tree Cafe seems to be the most popular place in town. If you'd like to dine there during the Art Walk a reservation is a must or you will have a long wait.  

During our November visit, we stumbled upon a new restaurant; La Sirena Gorda Cabana-The Fat Mermaid. Our group enjoyed dining outside at this Mexican restaurant. Though there was a chill in the air we were kept warm with outdoor heaters. The patio has a romantic setting with sparkling lights and enchanting music from the nightly entertainment. Everyone in our group enjoyed our meals and found the service to be warm and engaging. 
I was surprised at how close Sanford was from downtown Orlando. The Art Walk combined with the Pub Crawl would make for a fun time to gather some friends and explore the charm of this historic town.

*Sanford Art Walk
*Imperial at Washburn Sanford
*Sanford Pub Crawl
*Hollerback's Willow Tree Cafe

Freshfields Farm

There are a number of things to love about Freshfields Farms. It's quite a visual delight when walking into the produce section; the colors of the fruits and vegetables just pop out at you. These aren't some wimpy displays. You will find a decent selection of fruits, vegetables, along with some dairy and various seasonings and such.
Tomatoes at Freshfields Farms

Pears Freshfields Farms

Apples at Freshfields Farms
This bounty provided by nature includes some local and some organic options. Each group of produce has a label stating its origin and if it's conventional or organic. While the selection is a big draw, a number of customers come here for the prices.  There are some great deals to be had. I got a week worth of produce for $23. That includes a 5 lb. bag of local grapefruit!
Produce at Freshfields Farms
Once you've got your produce make sure you make your way over to the meat department. Each department at Freshfields has their own outside entrance.This area is not as large as the produce, so if you come here at prime times you will be weaving in and out of customers. There have been times when I've walked right back out because of the crowds; my fault for not planning better!  You will find a decent selection of meat and fish. They also have some cheeses as well. I’ve purchased some bacon here; it was delicious and some of the best I've had.
Meats & Cheese at Freshfields Farms
I love shopping here, now if I could get my timing down a little better, so I can avoid all those other folks who love Freshfields Farm as much as I do.