Finnegan's Bar & Grill Universal Orlando

I enjoy my visit to theme parks, but for me, it's not so much about the rides.  I take pleasure in walking around taking in the scenery and exploring the different eateries at the parks. Finnegan's Bar and Grill is one of the eateries I enjoy hanging out in while I'm at Universal Orlando.
Finnegan's Bar & Grill Universal Orlando

Colorado Breweries Part One

When we were living in Denver is was a bit second nature that we'd go out to eat and end up at a brewpub. Our kids would come in tow to some of the first brewpubs in downtown Denver. Unlike bars, brewpubs have an atmosphere that is appealing to groups and families who enjoy getting some good eats while the parents can have some tasty beer to go with the meal.

During our visit back to Colorado we thought it would be fun to check out a number of local breweries. We hadn't been to most of these breweries, though a few of them did hold some special memories in other ways.  It was nice to visit them again or see how some of the places had transformed into local breweries.

*Avery Brewing
Avery Brewing Boulder Colorado
Avery Brewing
I loved my visit to Avery Brewing. We walked through the door and were immediately welcomed. We were told we could sit at a table or the bar, either way we'd get a server. We opted for the bar, and I am so glad we did. We had a fantastic bartender and met some cool folks from all over coming to Boulder to enjoy some great craft beer.

The menu was a bit overwhelming at first and after I had a minute to take it all in I decided on a handful of samples priced at $1.50. Bryan opted for the regular pour of The Hand of Buddha. I tasted some great flavors and my favorites were the White Rascal and The Reverend; though all the beers I tried were tasty. I enjoy drinking white ales for the summer and White Rascal nailed it. The Reverend had a great cherry taste to it, but with 10% ABV you got to watch out!

We stopped by Avery Brewing on a Sunday afternoon and the place was packed.  There was a great vibe going on as people were coming in for the 2:00pm tour of the day. I love breweries; everyone is so happy and eager to share info. I even got folks offering me their beer to sample! When you see that the patrons are happy and having a good time you know the business is doing something right. Avery was a highlight on our craft beer tour; a fun day with great beer, good eats and wonderful service; hard to top that!
Avery Brewing flight & taps
Avery Brewing

*Dad & Dudes Breweria
Dad & Dudes Breweria
Dads & Dudes Breweris
Dad & Dudes is a Brewery located in the suburbs of Denver. While I usually try to stay clear of shopping centers, Dads & Dudes is a great local spot mixed among chain stores. This brewery serves tasty food alongside their handcrafted beer. While Dad's & Dudes makes a handful of beers the feel here is more of a restaurant than a brewery.You'll find a seating in the bar area, dining room and a number of patio tables.

We opted to sit in the bar area since this visit was about taking an afternoon break; and were just interested in getting some drinks and a snack. This family-friendly establishment has a great menu. The pizzas and sandwiches sound delicious. My daughter & I shared an order of the Brewery Wings. The hot sauce was a bit too hot for my daughter so they let us split the wings up with half hot and half spicy teriyaki. 

While the food was good the main reason for our visit was to check out some of the beer.  I decided to go with the Oatmeal Porter. I'm a fan of porters and this one did not disappoint. I had hoped to sample more beers, but the afternoon doldrums got the best of me. 

We had wonderful service, and I enjoyed the food and beer. I think Dad & Dude's is a great place to hang with some friends and enjoy a bite and a beer. In an area that is lacking breweries and can feel overrun with chains, Dad & Dude's Breweria is a nice alternative to the suburban lifestyle.
Dad & Dudes Breweria restaurant
Dads & Dudes Breweria

Dad & Dudes Breweria craft beer
Oatmeal Porter

*Dry Dock Brewing Co
Dry Dock Brewing Company
Dry Dock Brewing Co. appears to be a local favorite, which is a saving grace to this section of Aurora. We weren't too far from the neighborhood, so we thought we'd stop by for a Friday Happy Hour. We got there around 3:00pm and the crowds were already starting to form.

Bryan went with the HMS Victory Amber while I got the Firkin Friday Kona Coffee Milk Stout since this was a special tapping. I enjoyed my husband's Amber better than my Stout.  The Stout was tasty, but it was like drinking an iced coffee rather than a stout.   hope to come back and try their Vanilla Porter; the description sounds delicious.

While there are a few picnic tables outside, the view isn't much so we opted to sit at a high top. There are a couple of TV's playing some sports. Dry Dock does not serve food; a server told us it allows them to brew more beer. You are allowed to bring in some eats or you can munch on some complimentary popcorn.

One thing I noticed about Dry Dock Brewing was the mixed crowd on our Friday afternoon. It was cool to see some grey hairs, along with some young-ins in tow with the family and couples young and old.  It wasn't just a bunch of young guys taking advantage of the good beer.

Dry Dock Brewery offers award winning brews in a casual atmosphere.  Grab a pint or take home a keg & enjoy.
Dry Dock Brewing Company tasting room
Dry Dock Brewing Co.

Dry Dock Brewing Company craft beer
HNS Victory Amber
Golden City Brewery vat
Golden City Brewery
 Golden City Brewery has a homey feel about it; it's tucked within the neighborhood and is basically in someone's back yard. There is a small building with the bar, kitchen and a few seats where you can place your order, or you can enjoy the patio and grab some brews and eats from the walk up window.

Bryan and I ordered a couple of the wraps and I went with the recommended beer, Clear Creek Gold. Both the Veggie & T.B.A.W wraps were tasty, and it was a nice change to get some grapes as a side. The Clear Creek Gold had a nice floral touch and was great for a summer day.

I really enjoyed the laid back vibe here. We saw a steady stream of folks coming in while we were there; lots of bicyclists, some families, locals and other beer aficionados.

The service was friendly, the food tasty and the beer refreshing.  Make a day out of visiting Golden City Brewery; the brewery in Golden that has personality.

Golden City Brewery taps
Golden City Brewery
Golden City Brewery craft beer
Clear Creek Gold