The Rusty Spoon

I've wanted to try The Rusty Spoon ever since I first heard about their fresh from the farm concept.  I appreciate restaurants that value local farmers and create a connection between farm to table dining.

We had stopped by The Rusty Spoon a couple of times.  Our first visit in the fall I was wowed when we walked in.  Space is lovely with a simplistic feel about it.  The pictures on the walls are beautiful and make the restaurant.  The natural clean look adds to the ambiance.
The Rusty Spoon Patio Entrance

The Rusty Spoon in Downtown Orlando dining room
That night we wanted to sit at the bar and get some drinks and light eats. We had friendly conversations with the bartender.  We got a couple of craft beers and ordered some appetizers; The Stuffed Eggs and the Butchers Plate.  We enjoyed them both though the Butcher's Plate was a bit pricey at $16 for what you got.  I'm a sucker for sweets and when I saw an S'more dish on the dessert I menu I was excited.  While the dish was good it came out a bit too cold, as if it had been frozen and not left to thaw completely. 

While we enjoyed our dining experience, I left a tad disappointed.  The atmosphere and service were wonderful, but the value in the Butcher's Plate and the chilled dessert kind of took the wind out of my sails.
The Rusty Spoon in Downtown Orlando
Stuffed Eggs

The Rusty Spoon in Downtown Orlando Butcher's Plate
Butcher's Plate

The Rusty Spoon in Downtown Orlando dessert
Grown up Smore's
I knew I wasn't going to give up on The Rusty Spoon.  A group of us had been talking about getting together for drinks and appetizers, I thought going back and giving the Rusty Spoon would be a great opportunity to give it another go. I’m so glad we did. 

Our group of six took advantage of their Thirsty Thursday menu where for $15 you can get unlimited craft beer, decent wines, and select well-drinks. Not only do you get free flowing drinks from 5:00pm-7:00 pm, your $15 also includes a tasting menu.  

The tasty menu changes weekly due to the fresh ingredients available, but you will get a Snack, Savory, and a Sweet. 
The Rusty Spoon in Downtown Orlando Pub Menu

The Rusty Spoon in Downtown Orlando

The Rusty Spoon in Downtown Orlando
Our table agreed the menu was delicious. I could have licked the dish my "Blondie" came in; a dessert delight.  The tasting menu is a decent size, but our group found that we were enjoying the beers a bit and needed a little extra eats.  Bryan and I ordered the Stuffed Eggs, and just as before we found them to be delicious.  I also ordered a Garden Salad with homemade vinaigrette.  The salad was fresh and light, just what I'd hoped for.

Our group enjoyed us so much we decided to make Thirsty Thursdays a monthly event.  The fresh food coming from various Central Florida Farms makes a big difference in the taste. While I enjoy the delicious food, I value that connection the Rusty Spoon brings between the local farmers and its customers.