Classic Monsters Café Universal Orlando

My first time getting some quick eats at Universal Orlando didn't go over so well. I was a bit leery of trying again, but we needed to eat and the luck of the draw went to Monsters cafe.
Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe
This fast casual spot sits next to the Shrek ride. You'll notice the monsters swirling around out front of the restaurant at Bone Chillin'; the place where adults can quench their "monstrous thirst".

I'm sure not many people are fans if theme park dining. You lower your bar and take what you can get. I drive my family crazy because I, at least, like to try and eat where there's some theming going on, and it doesn't look like I'm corralled in a cafeteria.

Classic Monsters Café had a pretty cool vibe going on. There are a few different seating areas that are based on a particular monster. The night we went we sat in Dracula's eating area. It was a bit dark with a bunch of red and black.

Before you sit down you are herded through the line to order. Their focus here is on a handful of specialty Nathan's hot dogs. We were drawn to the Roasted Chicken Platter that had broccoli & mashed potatoes. My daughter got a slice of pizza that was huge! I opted for the Iceberg Wedge and a side of breadsticks. Everything was quite tasty for theme park food, and we were pleasantly surprised at how it all worked out.
Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe , menu

Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe , wedge salad

Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe , chicken meal
They have some burger options, fresh fruit plate and a number of delicious looking cupcakes. They also had Yuengling on tap; which I was thankful that I didn't have to resort to Miller.
Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe, cupcakes
Classic Monsters Cafe is a decent stop for a meal at a theme park though I probably wouldn't go out of my way if it were anywhere else. I didn't leave feeling like I've been ripped off, rather that the Cafe was a good spot for lunch or dinner when hitting up Universal Studios Orlando.
Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe

Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe

Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe

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~ Kelli

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